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Frank vollmer (exeter) is visiting and giving a seminar on exploring the nanoscale with optoplasmonic sensors wed 07 feb congratulations to tom for successfully defending his thesis our paper optical trapping and optical force positioning of two-dimensional materials is published as m g donato et al, nanoscale 10. Postdoc mayumi noto, phd frank vollmer, phd jason guan, phd graduate mayumi noto, phd ravi ramjit, phd david keng, phd suzanne mcananama undergraduate ophir gaathon william jeck [visitor] michael shapiro visitor] momchil mihnev jelena culic- viskota thesis ophir gaathon, bs. Thesis autor: aalders j titel: short-range clustering and decomposition in copper-nickel- and copper-nickel-iron alloys reihe: dissertation band: verlag, ort, jahr: autor: vollmer, doris titel: phasen überg änge in mikroemulsionen und deren dynamik reihe: habilitationsschrift band: verlag, ort, jahr: selbstdruck. This thesis has been supplied on condition that anyone who consults it is understood to recognise that its my friends and colleagues stephanie vollmer and ruth dinnis shared many hours of tick collecting taken together, the findings of this thesis demonstrate that british i ricinus ticks differ from their. Dissertations elmar spiegel (09/2017): semiparametric regression with fewer distributional assumptions: expectile regression and generalized additive models special applications in toxicology sebastian vollmer (05/2009): eu- acp economic partnership agreements political institutions and human development. (host: dr frank vollmer) “hybrid photonic-plasmonic micro-resonators for single molecule sensing” (supervisor: dr frank vollmer) “theory of plasmon enhanced whispering-gallery mode biosensing” m r foreman, “ informational limits in optical polarimetry and vectorial imaging” springer theses series (springer. Microcavity yuqiang wu , david yu zhang , peng yin , and frank vollmer max planck insitute for the science of light erlangen 91058 , germany e-mail: [email protected] [email protected] dr f vollmer division thesis purifications, and the sequence design of the molecules. It is represented by companies that produce large horizontal-axis wind turbines they will be described as the big wind industry in this thesis the solutions so far are focusing on using mainly offshore 5ff see könig/vollmer (1994) frank states that under the influence of external effects the right decisions made.

frank vollmer thesis 291 [13]: w hoheisel, m vollmer and f träger, to be published [14] hk pulker, e benes, d hammer, e söllner thin solid films, 32 (1976), p 27 [15] j estel, h hoinkes, h kaarmann, h nahr, h wilsch surface sci, 54 (1976), p 393 [16] unpublished w weibler phd thesis, heidelberg (1982.

This thesis describes theoretical and experimental studies into the optical response of single and multiple layer graphene in the terahertz to infrared regime and provides a description of some the unique characteristics of graphene in this work, the schrödinger time-dependent equation is employed for. Papers braun zhenya_stuff common coding variant in serpina1 increases the risk for large artery stroke rainer malika, therese daub, maria gonik, anirudh sivakumar, daniel j deredge, evgeniia v edeleva, jessica götzfried, sander w van der laan, gerard pasterkamp, nathalie beaufort, susana seixas, steve. Professor frank vollmer in my thesis i have pioneered optical technology to detect and study single biomolecules i held several appointments at leading us institutions including, instructor in medicine at harvard medical school, before moving to the position of research group leader at the max planck institute for the.

Fabrication and applications of superhydrophobic and superamphiphobic surface dissertation zur erlangung des grades “doktor der naturwissenschaften“ 75 chapter 4: liquid drops impacting superamphiphobic coatings xu deng 1,2 frank schellenberger 1 periklis papadopoulos 1 doris vollmer 1. See figure: 'all-optical peres gate (a) block diagram, (b) schematic of the design using optically controlled' from publication 'all-optical reversible logic gates with optically controlled bacteriorhodopsin protein-coated microresonators' on researchgate, the professional network for scientists.

Finished doctoral theses 33 cornelia dittmar automatisierte erkennung von menschlicher mimik mittels tiefenkameras, tu ilmenau, 8december 2016 ( advisor & reviewer: prof dr groß (tu ilmenau), co-reviewer: prof paulus ( universität koblenz), prof denzler (fsu jena) ) 32 christian vollmer weiterentwicklung. Figure: all-optical feynman gate, (a) block diagram, (b) schematic of the logic circuit, and (c) schematic of the design using optically controlled microcavities the dashed line shows the option of using an inverter circuit from publication: all -optical reversible logic gates with optically controlled bacteriorhodopsin. Presented in the thesis along with the study results obtained from the simulations, modeling and the experiments one of the simulations o vollmer etal proc of 15th ieee/npss symp fusion eng (sofe), ma (1993) [8] w ott, d hartmann, f p penningsfeld, e speth, proc 27th eps conf control. Welcome to tamk global education services in international rankings, finland's higher education system routinely comes top of the class tampere university of applied sciences (tamk ) represents finnish higher education at its best tamk global education is dedicated to making this top-class, modern, and innovative.

Frank vollmer thesis

Of this thesis is to help determine if the leadership needs of the usbp are best met with its current college education 36 nathan douthit and august vollmer, thinking about police: contemporary readings, ed carl b klockars patrolman frank serpico and sergeant david durk in its final report, the. Spectroscopy of whispering-gallery mode microresonators has become a powerful scientific tool, enabling the detection of single viruses, nanoparticles and even single molecules yet the demonstrated timescale of these schemes has been limited so far to milliseconds or more here we introduce a scheme that is orders of.

Dissertation air transport pilot supply and demand current state and effects of recent legislation michael mcgee this document was submitted as a dissertation in march 2015 in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the doctoral degree in public policy analysis at the pardee rand graduate school the faculty. “with growing public 52 j montgomery, 'law and demoralisation of medicine', 26 (2006) legal studies 2, 185-210 53 r levenson, et al, understanding doctors: harassing professionalism (london, royal college of physicians and king's fund, 2008), foreword 54 h m vollmer and d l mills (ed).

Rapporteur joseph zyss professeur - institut d'alembert examinateur frank vollmer ass professeur - max planck institute examinateur malcolm buckle in the dissertation however, both terms may be employed with a in the scope of this dissertation, the primary objective of the research. We demonstrate an integrated microfluidic flow sensor with ultra-wide dynamic range, suitable for high throughput applications such as flow cytometry and particle sorting/counting a fiber-tip cantilever transduces flow rates to optical signal readout, and we demonstrate a dynamic range from 0 to 1500 µl min. Moritz arns, ramy meziane eric barnett, seungjae park jean-alexandre bettez -bouchard, françois pommerleau julien boisclair, armand pourcheron etienne boisclair, renaud poncelet jean-philippe choinière, bruno sauvet romain del giudice, david st-onge alexis fortin-côté, wei koon tey xiaoling jiang.

frank vollmer thesis 291 [13]: w hoheisel, m vollmer and f träger, to be published [14] hk pulker, e benes, d hammer, e söllner thin solid films, 32 (1976), p 27 [15] j estel, h hoinkes, h kaarmann, h nahr, h wilsch surface sci, 54 (1976), p 393 [16] unpublished w weibler phd thesis, heidelberg (1982. frank vollmer thesis 291 [13]: w hoheisel, m vollmer and f träger, to be published [14] hk pulker, e benes, d hammer, e söllner thin solid films, 32 (1976), p 27 [15] j estel, h hoinkes, h kaarmann, h nahr, h wilsch surface sci, 54 (1976), p 393 [16] unpublished w weibler phd thesis, heidelberg (1982.
Frank vollmer thesis
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